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The story behind Nova Espero

Aemium's motto is to create for you only fragrances that are authentic, eco-responsible and, above all, premium. Each of these fragrances is unique, but one of the seven is even more so.

Nova Espero is not just an eau de parfum with notes of lemon, vanilla and tonka bean. It also has a very special history. Emmanuel Roche, the creator of Aemium, was looking to create a seventh fragrance before launching Aemium, but at that precise moment, COVID arrived in Europe. In these dark, inward-looking times, when every country is closing its borders, she was immediately inspired to create a fragrance to keep hope alive, to give courage, a universal fragrance for those who dare to go into the unknown, who dare to do things differently, who are always open-minded.

The name 'Nova Espero' comes from an expression frequently used in the Esperanto community to represent the hope of a better future, based on the ideals of mutual understanding and cooperation between peoples. It's an expression that reflects the optimistic spirit and aspirations of Esperanto as a neutral international language. It seemed to me to correspond perfectly to what we, the men and women of 2020, needed to save this world and start again on a better footing...

Below is a poem that Aemium's creator, Emmanuel Roche, wrote when Nova Espero was being created:

Nova Espero, two words of Esperanto in the hope of peace and cooperation between peoples.

In this elixir, then, lies an invitation to travel the world, without limits.

New, unknown lands await those who dare to do anything.

Vanilla, the mellow sweetness of distant seas, evokes discoveries and subterranean passions. It caresses the soul like a distant song, recalling the conquests of a serene Christopher Columbus.

Sage, a wise messenger, encourages boldness and a quest for the unheard-of. It dances with vanilla in a strange alchemy of two opposites, weaving subtle bonds in perfect harmony.

Nova Espero, the fragrance of freedom-loving dreamers,

From Frida Kahlo to Rimbaud, via Che

Hope is rising towards a place of peace, justice and beauty.

Transcending borders, Nova envelops every man and woman in search of a radiant future, the promise of a better world,

Where love and peace blossom gently.

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