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How to use perfume properly

Does your perfume not last long and you feel you need to reapply a few sprays in the middle of the day? You may be surprised to learn that this is usually due to the method of application, rather than the fragrance itself. So here are a few tips on how to apply perfume quickly and effectively!

« Elegance is a whole, and what you don't see counts

as much as what is seen» - Christian Dior

1. Different types of perfume

To start with, it's important to be able to tell whether your product is an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette. As their composition in alcohol and especially in concentrate is quite different, so will be their use.

As the concentration of an eau de toilette is much lower (between 7 and 13%) than that of an eau de parfum (between 13 and 25%), it is preferable to be more generous with the number of sprays you apply. An eau de parfum, on the other hand, only needs 2 to 3 sprays to last all day. Above 25% concentration, it is a perfume concentrate that should be used very lightly.

2. An efficient utilisation

There's no need to overdose on perfume when you apply it! All you'll get is an altered scent and a fairly intense headache...

To apply the right amount of fragrance, all you need to do is keep the product light, and spray it at a reasonable distance from your skin, between 10 and 20cm. But above all, you need to know where to apply it!

Nothing could be simpler: you need to target your body's heat points. The heat in these areas comes from the pulsating blood in our veins, and it's thanks to this heat that the fragrance will be able to diffuse throughout the day. Here's a list to help you spot them: wrists / neck / chest / behind the knees / hollow behind the ear / crease of the elbow...

To make sure your fragrance lasts as long as possible, consider applying it straight after you get out of the shower, as the warmth of your body helps to diffuse the scent, or after you've applied a fragrance-free moisturiser. You can also apply your fragrance to your clothes and accessories, such as a scarf, jumper or even your hair elastic!

However, we strongly advise against rubbing the perfume on your wrists when you apply it! This tends to alter the final notes... You should also avoid spraying it directly onto your hair, as the alcohol can damage it and attack your scalp, which is a sensitive area.

3. Q&A for further information

Is it essential to have a fragrance for the day and one for the evening ? Essential, no, but a pleasure that can be complex. It all depends on your tastes, of course, but at Aemium we think it's a good idea to use a stronger fragrance during the day so that it lasts all day, then change to a more delicate, sensual scent in the evening, whether for an evening out, a cocktail party or just for your own pleasure.

Why change perfume with the seasons ? Generally speaking, we use perfume to convey a feeling, a sensation, or even a personality. But it's true that changing it over time and with the seasons is also highly appreciated. It's common to use floral, sweet and fresh scents during spring and summer, then change to a warmer, more comforting fragrance as autumn and winter approach.

Are all fragrances suitable for all ages ? Once again, it's a question of taste. Even if certain scents tend to appeal to specific age groups, such as young people who prefer sweet and fruity fragrances, this is just a fashion statement. At Aemium we have no age barrier. Similarly, all our fragrances are unisex because we believe that a scent should not define a gender. For example, the scent of roses is often associated with women, whereas in the 17th century it was one of the favourite notes of men, including Louis XIV.

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