No one can be authentic and premium

      who neither respects the planet nor considers men.

We are AEMIUM, a French luxury natural perfume house.

Our ambition is to offer exceptional fragrances whose quality is based on an uncompromising eco-design.

Subtle compositions with ethical ingredients

For us, the richness of being natural is:

  • To assemble perfumes without any synthetic ingredient from petrochemicals.

  • To integrate in our compositions the noblest natural raw materials in an ethical and responsible way, and have our products certified by Ecocert.

  • To conceive original creations in close collaboration with the Robertet perfume house, established in Grasse for 170 years.

Resource-efficient packaging


For us, the richness of being natural is:


  • Design a lightweight and refillable container, whose components are reusable or recyclable.

  • Ban plastics wherever they are not essential (no cellophane, no film, no plastic in our caps). Unique in the market, our samples are made of glass and cork, without any plastic.

  • Limit the use of cardboard and bleached paper, which are very water and chemicals consuming.

Sharing the know-how of national players

For us, the richness of being natural is:


  • To source our products from French suppliers who have been established for many years on the territory; to manufacture and package our products in France.

  • Thinking supply chain from end to end to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Be totally transparent about our ingredients, formulas, supplies, suppliers and service providers, whatever our products.


Our conviction is that the living is in danger and that there is an emergency. Because the companies that produce consumer goods are at the heart of the problem, they must bear a large part of the solution.

Through our innovations, but also the authenticity and transparency of our approach, we hope to prove that sustainable solutions, far from any "greenwashing", are possible.

It also seemed natural to us to become a member of 1% For The Planet, and to donate 1% of our global turnover to the Terre de Liens association, whose concrete actions we admire. Blending intimately ecology and social justice, Terre de Liens acquires agricultural land in France to prevent their disappearance and makes them available to young farmers, on favorable terms, for organic and peasant production.