Naturalness and formulation

At AEMIUM, we love transparency and precision.


Our formulas are composed exclusively of 4 ingredients:

You want to know more ? We will explain everything to you !

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You will therefore not find in our formulas any dye or any controversial ingredient such as BHT, a preservative widely used in perfumery and suspected of being an endocrine disruptor.


All this allows 4 of our creations to be certified "organic perfumes" and other "natural perfumes", by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS standard which is the strictest in the matter.

Our fragrances are also VEGAN : we do not use any ingredients of animal origin and we do not test on animals.


Find the list of ingredients (including allergens per concentrate) as well as the type of certificate (Cosmos Natural or Cosmos Organic) for each perfume on our product sheets in the E-Boutique.
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Pure creations

We wanted to make each of our perfumes an object of art, olfactory and poetic, where "Marketing" has no place.

We therefore decided not to constrain, by too precise specifications, Karine and Serge, two "avant-garde 100% natural" noses. They were given free rein to express their most creative instincts.

This total freedom has allowed us to explore unknown tracks with them, to work outside the box and finally to sign 7 unisex, singular, daring fragrances ... very far from formatted synthetic compositions.

Karine Vinchon-Spehner

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Our creations are ultimately as we wanted:

luxurious, natural, free and unique.

Quality and responsibility

As a guarantee of exceptional quality, we have worked with the Grasse house ROBERTET, a pioneer and world leader in sustainable natural raw materials.

We were therefore able to select the most noble scent flowers and plants for our concentrates through ethical and responsible channels.

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