The birth of an authentic and committed brand

My personal conviction is that the world of perfume is in bad shape. He has a vital need to reinvent himself.

Basically, like many consumers, I'm fed up with synthetic fragrances that we no longer dare to put on the skin, heavy and non-recyclable packaging, all masked under marketing blah-blah to make the customer dream and make him believe that he's getting his money's worth.

Too much Marketing, too much Packaging, too many Synthetic Products.

Nothing natural in all of this, and a big uneasiness towards the planet.

But why change after all?

"A luxury object can pollute, since it is luxury".

"Recyclable packaging can't be luxurious".

"Natural perfumes do not have beautiful olfactory facets and their hold is weak...".

Wouldn't these clichés, asserted as if they were truths, play into the hands of the same people who would have us believe, with great publicity, that a synthetic perfume launched in several million units is always a luxury item? 

Yet there is an urgent need to really put the customer - and his planet - first! - by allocating more budget to beautiful raw materials and sustainable packaging, rather than to communication, especially when the latter tries to wash "greener than green".

So I set myself a challenge: to use my skills (I have been designing, manufacturing and distributing fragrances for more than fifteen years) to create products that would do as little harm as possible to humans and their environment. To launch a brand with real artistic and artisanal creations, explaining and proving the quality of the products, rather than inventing stories to make people dream. Basically, I just decided to be natural in a world that is no longer natural.

ÆMIUM as an Authentic and Committed Premium.

I have surrounded myself with talented noses capable of working only with natural materials: they are few in number, but for me, they are the "new Nose" that the Perfumery industry is in great need of.


I have selected French Partners, Suppliers and Service Providers, recognized for their skills but also for their social and environmental commitment. They are passionate. I will put them more in the spotlight, because their "little hands" bring all the added value to the product.


Finally I surrounded myself with my family, my friends, demanding and inspiring. Their presence and their opinions allowed me to push the "ecological" cork very far.

Thanks to them, 7 100% natural perfumes have already been created in packaging that breaks with conventional perfumery: light bottles; innovative, plastic-free, totally recyclable caps and samples; use of wood and cork...

As a guarantee of seriousness, the fragrances have also been certified Cosmos Organic or Cosmos Natural by ECOCERT.

We will try to further improve these products, taking into account the opinions of all our customers, but they already prove two things that I am proud of:

·       It is possible to do much better than some brands would have us believe.

·       It is possible to make luxurious, clean, simple and natural objects.

I want to modestly believe that ÆMIUM can make the muffled world of Selective Perfumery shaking it up a bit!


Emmanuel Roche


Parfumerie naturelle biologique ecoresponsable