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Why did we choose wood instead of cardboard ?

We have deliberately chosen wood over cardboard. Indeed, bleached cardboard and paper are very water and chemical consumers (chlorine among others). Furthermore, most of the cardboard processed in France is imported. can see it everywhere !

A packaging of the future

Although old, wooden packaging is a packaging of the future without equivalent on the market. The wood in our boxes comes from French poplar groves.

The forest, managed in a responsible and sustainable way, is a key element of the ecosystem: it sequesters carbon, thus fulfilling a vital function for humanity.

The best for the environment ?

And yes : it does not consume fossil or scarce resources, and it is very energy efficient in its manufacture. It is the most biodegradable packaging! Its carbon footprint and life cycle analysis consistently show wood as the most environmentally friendly.

Being an authentic and committed brand means thinking about the end-of-life of products from the moment they are designed.

Thus, our packaging is recyclable, our perfume is refillable and the bottle is reusable.

Do you have any ideas ? 💡

Our bottle can be reused as a perfume diffuser or soliflore for example. Pretty nice, isn't it ?

What do you think ?

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