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Our commitment to the planet

Our ambition is to offer exceptional perfumes whose quality is based on uncompromising eco-design.

Since the creation of the company, it was essential for us to commit ourselves to the planet by donating 1% of our turnover to the protection of the environment. For us, the luxury of being natural is to humbly acknowledge that there are far greater causes... than luxury!

1% for the Planet

This international collective helps environmental protection associations to facilitate their fundraising by linking them with committed companies. In 2020, 30 million dollars were donated to protect forests, farmland, oceans, etc.

Terre de liens

We have chosen to support a French association whose actions touch our daily lives. Terre de Liens promotes the establishment of young farmers wishing to practice a peasant and organic agriculture. It has been active for 20 years throughout France to protect farmland.

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