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Our products are recyclable !

At AEMIUM, we have designed our products to be easily recyclable.

As we want to make it clear to our consumers, here are our sorting instructions and explanations of the recycling logos you will find on the packaging.

The Triman logo

This logo indicates that you can sort and recycle all or part of our products. The aim is to provide the consumer with information on sorting and recycling on the packaging or on the brand's website. It is very little present on cosmetic products although the French law requires it since 2015! This lack of information is a shame for the consumer and the planet !

The Eco-Emballages logo (or "point vert") does not mean that the product is recyclable: it simply indicates that, as a manufacturer, we adhere to and contribute financially to the household packaging waste management system. This logo is very present on cosmetic products. But it creates confusion for the consumer who may believe that the product is recyclable.

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