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Raw material : Cedar

Cedar in perfumery : an essential natural raw material

Cedar is little known to the public for its involvement in perfumery. Whether it comes from Virginia (red cedar), Atlas or China, it is present in the composition of many of our perfumes.

Thanks to its history and therapeutic properties, cedar has a very special scent, reminiscent of crayons, which takes us back to our childhood. Mixing cedar with other fragrances creates incredibly strong, powerful and irresistible scents !

Cedar is mainly used as a woody base note, as it has an impeccable hold. It blends perfectly with sandalwood and vetiver to create the warm, woody and sensual base note found in Hespereden.

Combined with flowers and fruits, it brings elegance, but above all character. Silence des Calanques comes to mind, where cedar subtly enhances the oriental note of orange blossom.

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