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Raw material : Sage

Sage in perfumery : an essential natural raw material

When walking in the Grasse region, one often comes across sage and its characteristic, soothing scent. Our perfumers have been largely inspired by these local scents to compose ever more elaborate fragrances.

Sage is a perfumery staple and has a very important place in the composition of our Nova Espero fragrance, where it is enhanced by the notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

Sage is also used as an ornamental and medicinal plant. Its leaves have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and cytotoxic properties that are found in essential oils.

In perfumery, clary sage is used by many perfumers. Following an extraction, an absolute with a chypre odour is obtained. It can be found in oriental or aromatic perfumes like Nova Espero. It is also an excellent natural fixative and considerably increases the staying power of perfumes that contain it.

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