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Raw material : Orange blossom & Neroli

Orange blossom in perfumery : an essential natural raw material

Orange blossom is the white flower of the bitter orange tree, which is found in countries around the Mediterranean.

It is the main ingredient in our Silence des Calanques fragrance, giving it an oriental floral heart that perfectly complements the aquatic top notes. In Blooming Summer, it gives a very sweet and powdery note, very "cocooning".

Depending on the method of production (steam distillation of the petals or direct extraction with volatile solvents), we obtain Neroli or Orange Blossom Absolute respectively. We use it in both forms in our perfumes, as Neroli brings a fresh and floral side while Absolute has a more powerful, waxy and powdery smell.

The infatuation with the scent of orange blossom began very early in Morocco and Tunisia and then in European countries from the 10th century. The name Neroli comes from the Princess of Neroli, who used orange blossom as a perfume for her bath and clothes in the late 17th century.

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