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The fragrances of summer

The heat of summer tends to take us away from heavy, heady scents and towards more freshness.

Find the lightness of summer in 3 of our fragrances that will sunshine and refresh your wake.


This is the fragrance of summer on the French Riviera, a fresh olfactory walk along the sea where you can contemplate the serenity of orange trees in bloom and turquoise waters. The freshness of the sea spray and the softness of the blossoming trees... Escape guaranteed!

The fresh notes of bergamot and peppermint combine with the aquatic accents of seaweed to create a dynamic top note.

A citrusy, floral trio of neroli, orange blossom and jasmine fuse with sunny notes to create a luminous heart that is expertly complemented by a soothing base of tonka bean, vetiver, sandalwood and cedarwood.


A sparkling citrus fragrance, immediately bringing a sense of freshness and dynamism. Bitter, tangy and fruity, this fragrance is made for summer with raw materials reminiscent of the verdant nature of an ideal garden where a majestic cedar reigns between citrus fruits and waterways.

This creation surprises from the start with the bitter notes of grapefruit, the spiciness of ginger and the freshness of bergamot.

The heart of tart red berries, exotic pineapple and velvety peach softens the sparkling top notes. Warm, sensual woods balance the composition perfectly.


A combination of the freshness of white flowers, the sweetness of almonds and the sensuality of vanilla. Like a soothing summer evening, a mixture of freshness, setting sun in the middle of the dunes, and sun-kissed skin.

Blooming Summer combines a fresh start of citrus and almond with a luminous heart of ylang-ylang, monoi and sunny accents.

Orange blossom transports us to the cocoon of childhood where we want to snuggle up. The white flowers rest on a warm bed of vanilla and cedar wood and skilfully complete the soothing and gentle composition. Almost magically, this fragrance seems to be the scent of our skin itself.

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