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How is a perfume composed ?

Let yourself be guided and discover the different notes that make up a perfume.

A history of pyramids

Top notes, middle notes, base notes... Have you ever heard of these terms ? The composition of a perfume is described in the form of a pyramid. Even if we are not all Egyptians, it is called an Olfactory Pyramid. We explain it to you!

Building the pyramid

Although the world of perfumery is above all poetic and dreamlike, it is nevertheless based on very scientific foundations. For example, the construction of an olfactory pyramid is of paramount importance when creating a perfume. It serves to balance the recipe of a fragrance to make it harmonious. Fragrances do not fully reveal themselves from the first breath, they evolve with you. The construction of the olfactory pyramid is all the more complex when one uses exclusively natural materials, whereas synthetic products allow one to "cheat".

A history of notes

Top notes :

Top notes are the most volatile part of fragrances. They are the first impressions, the first scent after spraying a perfume. Most often, it is a fresh, green scent that evaporates quickly. A smooth transition to the heart !

Heart Notes :

The heart notes, on the other hand, unfold over several hours and constitute the characteristic smell of a perfume. They are the ones that give a fragrance its personality. Generally speaking, they are floral, fruity or spicy scents.

Base notes :

Finally, the base notes are those that evaporate the slowest, sometimes after several days. These warm, woody, sweet and leathery notes have the function of fixing the perfume to make it last as long as possible.

You will never smell a perfume in the same way again.

Tell us in the comments if you prefer floral, fruity, amber, woody or citrus scents ?

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