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All about alcohol in perfumes !


First, it is used to macerate the concentrate, which gives the perfume its power: from 0 days for synthetic perfumes to 3 weeks of maceration for quality natural perfumes.

It also allows to dilute the concentrate perfectly, as it has natural solvent properties unlike water: it thus "bursts" the top, middle and bottom scents to make them more olfactory perceptible.

Then, thanks to its volatile qualities, it gives your perfume power and sillage when you wear it.

Last but not least, it is a very effective natural antioxidant. The alcohol makes your perfume last over time.

The more brands reduce the quantity of alcohol (for reasons of cost), the more they add synthetic anti-oxidants to make them last over time .... This is how BHT* is found in more than 95% of commercial perfumes [(*): BHT is an antioxydant highly suspected of being an endocrine disruptor !].


In conventional perfumery, brands always use natural alcohol. But this is mostly derived from beet or wheat, two crops that are heavily treated with chemical inputs...

A perfume is generally composed of more than 75% alcohol! That's why we use organic alcohol from French wheat.

At AEMIUM, we like transparency and precision. Our formulas are composed exclusively of 4 ingredients! In our perfumes, alcohol represents 79% of the volume. We are very proud of the fact that the alcohol is obtained exclusively from French organic wheat.

AEMIUM perfume concentrates are made exclusively from natural raw materials. We have chosen to go all the way, to use NO synthetic materials from petrochemicals, nor any animal materials

Good to know:

Alcohol costs 4 times more in organic than in conventional. This is the main reason why it is not used by the major perfume houses.

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