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Fragrant notes



It is customary to classify perfumes into different families, according to their main components. But this classification turns out to be tricky when the perfumes are complex, creative and natural like ÆMIUM.


For this reason, even if we are going to tell you the families to which each perfume could be attached, we will insist above all on the main notes that compose them and the emotional contribution of each of them.

This will shed more light on what you are looking for….


A Fruity Citrus
and Wooded

Solar and floral...
An eau de parfum like
a skin scent

naturally iodized
and Flower

Parfum 100ml Hespereden
Parfum 100ml Blooming summer
Parfum 100ml Silence des Calanques

HESPEREDEN is definitely a citrus scent. These are at the very heart of the perfume, and in particular the grapefruit, whose bitterness is masked by the purity and the sugar of the fruit. The freshness of "citrus" is enhanced by a volatile ginger in the top note.

It is finally the woody smell of cedar that rounds off the whole and gives depth to this perfume which is, basically, much more intense and powerful than a simple eau de cologne.


Emotional contribution : Freshness, Purity & Dynamism

If BLOOMING SUMMER is definitely solar, it is primarily because the smell of Tiare or frangipani and vanilla instantly reminds us of the smell of monoi so often used in solar products. But there are also the exotic and luminous notes of ylang-ylang associated with many white flowers such as jasmine or orange blossom.

Almond and vanilla end up giving it a sensual, almost carnal touch. Like the smell of skin in the sun.



Emotional contribution : Attraction, Sensuality & Softness

The fresh and tangy notes of bergamot, grapefruit and peppermint combine with the aquatic accents of seaweed to create a dynamic and above all iodized top note! Then comes a floral trio of neroli, orange blossom and jasmine which gives a luminous and solar heart to the perfume. Tonka bean, vetiver, and cedar wood reinforce the warm and sunny side of the composition. In short, it's the smell of sea spray and flowering trees...

Escape to the CALANQUES guaranteed !


Emotional input : Strength, Inspiration & Serenity

An Oriental Floral at
fruity complexion

Parfum 100 ml Elixiris

Iris is the main note of ELIXIRIS . This prestigious ingredient in perfumery, with its powdery accents, is skilfully accompanied throughout the fragrance to reveal multiple olfactory facets. Raspberry, bergamot but also almond bring a fruity, sweet and creamy side. In the heart, it is the rose which reinforces the floral side of the perfume.


Ultimately, it's patchouli, vanilla and a bit of cedar wood that gives it a more oriental touch.​


Emotional contribution : Elegance, Assurance & Charm

A slightly woody Balsamic Aromatic

Parfum 100 ml Nova Espero

Far from being a soliflore, NOVA ESPERO is really a duo, a perfect combination of two different and opposed ingredients: the sage, green, aromatic and soothing indeed seems to infuse in the vanilla, warm and balsamic, itself reinforced by the tonka bean. If a small lemony note refreshes the perfume in head, this one ends with a subtle woody note with cedar of Virginia.


Proof that differences bring richness, this mysterious perfume is an invitation to meet the other, to travel.


Emotional contribution : Wisdom, Balance & Encounter

An Exotic Powdery Floral, slightly woody

Parfum 100 ml Innocence in a scent

INNOCENCE IN A SCENT  is a bouquet of scents that instantly plunges you back into the lightness of childhood. After a fresh note of bergamot, very quickly comes a fireworks display of sweet and exotic notes: peach, pink berries, almond, lychee, coconut. Iris butter, rose and ambrette seeds bring the powdery side, while the final comfort comes with warm notes of tonka bean and sandalwood. This natural fragrance - with yet "aldehydic" smells - is like an invisible make-up powder.


Emotional contribution : Happiness, Innocence & Comfort

A Floral Leather
strong character!

Parfum 100 ml Rouge Confidence

Violet and rose make up the heart of this perfume with leathery smells, composed like a "chiaroscuro". Indeed, if freesia and angelica give a luminous start to ROUGE CONFIDENCE , the base is the opposite, dark and mysterious, composed of liquorice, Australian sandalwood, benzoin and Indonesian patchouli. It is a powerful floral fragrance with multiple facets: amber, woody and leathery.


Emotional input : Trust, Protection & Conviction

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