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To compose our perfumes, we have chosen only natural and essential ingredients. We explain to you:

concentré de parfum

THE perfume concentrate

There are nearly 500 plant scents that we know how to use and which can therefore be used in natural perfumery: they are obtained from flowers, bark, fruit, according to several processes (extraction, distillation ...).

This gives in particular essential oils or absolutes; the essence of the perfume lies in the skilful mixture of these raw materials. Thus, like a composer, the Nose creates its fragrance by assembling the scented notes.

AEMIUM perfume concentrates are exclusively composed of these natural raw materials. Between 10 and 30. NOTHING ELSE .

We have chosen to go all the way, not to use ANY synthetic material from petrochemicals, nor any animal material.

alcool de blé bio

organic wheat alcohol

In the composition of a perfume, alcohol is the solvent which makes it possible to diffuse the perfume, to give it volume. Being very volatile, it evaporates quickly, carrying odorous substances. Alcohol is therefore essential to give the scent a trail and hold.


The scent concentrate is therefore diluted in alcohol. In our perfumes, alcohol represents 79% of the volume.

A relatively high rate allows good diffusion as well as good preservation of the perfume over time.

With us, the alcohol is obtained exclusively from French organic wheat, we are very proud of it.

eau douce

Fresh water

Although alcohol is essential to diffuse the scent, it can be supplemented with water to soften the whole. This is demineralized before being mixed in order to be as pure as possible.

A little fresh water, it can only be good!

vitamine E

the bonus: vitamin e

To protect these natural materials from rancidity, it is necessary to add a touch of antioxidants. For this, we have chosen Vitamin E (called tocopherol by scientists), directly obtained from sunflower oil (organic and made in France, of course!).

Moreover, it is often called "beauty vitamin" because its powerful antioxidant effect protects our skin cells against aging. It helps our epidermis to remain as supple and smooth as possible and protects the skin against irritants applied to it.


A little help for those who want to understand in detail the list of ingredients on our packaging.

First of all, you should know that all the ingredients must be listed (as well as all the allergens present at more than 0.001% of the composition).

Ingredients whose percentage exceeds 1 are listed in decreasing order of quantity: from biggest to smallest!


It is the alcohol mentioned above. The term DENAT indicates that alcohol is denatured, that is to say that substances of very bad taste have been added to alcohol so that it is unfit for consumption… European legislation obliges it!

These ingredients, added in very very small quantities (0.01% by volume), are not natural; this is the reason why it is mentioned on our products "99.9% of the total is of natural origin". We would have liked to have really 100% natural origin but that was not possible because of this legislation.


This is the name of the perfume concentrate mentioned above. It is an ingredient in its own right, in which we find all the natural fragrant substances used.

The detail is not given: all the know-how lies in this complete recipe, and it is therefore protected by law: it is in a way a professional secret that cannot be revealed in broad daylight! On the other hand, if allergens are present, they must be mentioned at the end (see opposite).

Ingrédients étiquette


Water and Vitamin E, explained above.




Among the natural materials used in the perfume concentrate, some contain substances considered by law as allergens (identified as likely to cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them). We must therefore mention them despite their very low quantity.

For example, Benzyl Alcohol is naturally present in many plants and fruits such as Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, or even apricot, almond ...

Another example, Limonene is present in large quantities in lemon but also in other citrus fruits and in many essential oils.

that's it our perfumes no longer hold any secrets for you! all you have to do is choose the one you prefer ...

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