As sublime as it is scented, freesia is a flower much used in perfumery. Its scent is both floral and luminous. Freesia is therefore used in many well-known fragrances, both for men and women; at AEMIUM, it is very present in ROUGE CONFIDENCE and gives it a very floral top note.

Freesia is cultivated mostly in South Africa for its very fragrant flowers, but also for its varied and brightly coloured appearance (white, purple or yellow).
The scent of freesia is similar to that of jasmine or orange blossom, but has a sweet, almost fruity note. Unfortunately, it cannot be extracted from the flower, as it contains absolutely no essence or absolute: it is a mute flower. It can therefore be chemically recreated or, as for AEMIUM’s perfumes, a combination of several other natural notes can be used to imitate the scent of freesia.